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Looking for Kitchen Fitters Colchester? Then TLC Kitchens and Bathrooms has the perfect service for you!

Are you located in Colchester and need a new kitchen fitted in? Then our in-house specialists will be able to help you, contact us!


Why Choose TLC Kitchens and Bathrooms?

Kitchen Fitters ColchesterTLC Kitchens and Bathrooms was founded in 2008 by Levi Draycott, during this time we have worked on many different types of projects big and small. This can include garage conversions, loft conversions, extensions, commercial conversions, as well as fitting in new kitchens.

At TLC Kitchens and Bathrooms, our in-house team of specialists can get the job done fast. Allowing you to use your kitchen as soon as possible again, instead of relying on someone else’s kitchen or just fast food!

In addition to getting the job completed quickly, our team makes sure to follow all of the safety procedures and quality checks during the fitting process. This ensures that your new kitchen will be safe to fully use, and all of the electrical equipment completely works.

Our members of staff make sure to listen to your requests before starting fitting in the new kitchen, because of this a well designed plan can be created. Then a customer can review it first, rather than being disappointed after the whole kitchen was fitted in.

We can fit in a multitude of kitchen designs, from wood to marble or anything else you choose. Our team will be able to get the job done! Furthermore, the kitchens we fit in will last for a very long time, so you will not be needing to get another upgrade anytime soon.


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