Kitchen Fitters Bury St Edmunds


Searching for Kitchen Fitters Bury St Edmunds? TLC Kitchens and Bathrooms, has completed many projects that involved fitting in a kitchen!

Is your kitchen old and falling apart? Then you need a new kitchen. Don’t worry as TLC Kitchens and Bathrooms can complete the installation quickly and professionally.

Kitchens can become unsafe when they have been used constantly for a long time. To avoid any problems with your kitchen, get in contact with our team!


Why Choose TLC Kitchens and Bathrooms?

Kitchen Fitters Bury St Edmunds

Our team at TLC Kitchens and Bathrooms is dedicated to making sure you receive the kitchen you have always wanted. This is the reason why we have an open communication with all of our customers during a project.

Before we start fitting in a kitchen, we make sure to show all of the design options to the customer. So they are able to choose the design that they prefer!

Our specialist team truly cares about fitting in a kitchen properly. This also ensures that the kitchen will last for a long time. As there have been no steps missed whilst it has been installed.

The lighting of a kitchen is very important. This is why we ask the customer what type of temperature and mood of lighting they want. The final outcome of the kitchen really depends on this, as it can make a great kitchen look stunning!

Don’t wait any longer for a kitchen upgrade. Get in contact with us, so we can start working on your kitchen as soon as possible!



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