Kitchen Fitters Braintree


Searching for Kitchen Fitters Braintree? Then you have found the right place, here at TLC Kitchens and Bathrooms!

Kitchen not working as well as it used to? Then contact our team and we will get it all sorted by fitting a new kitchen for you!

No matter what new design you want your kitchen to look like, we will be able to still fit the kitchen in correctly, as we have lots of experience in doing so.


Why Choose TLC Kitchens and Bathrooms?

Kitchen Fitters Braintree

Our team at TLC Kitchens and Bathrooms are in-house specialists that are extremely qualified for the job. This is because, throughout the years we have worked on an array of different projects from commercial conversions, garage conversions, as well as fitting kitchens and many more!

It is a pain not being able to use your kitchen in your own house. We understand this, which is why our team moves fast when working on a project. So you will be able to return to using your kitchen as soon as possible.

Furthermore, even though we get jobs done fast, we also complete them with great care and a very high standard. This will mean you will not need to upgrade your kitchen anytime soon, as the new one will last for a very long time!

In addition to the new kitchen being very durable, it is also very safe. As we make sure to install appliances that have up to date electrical safety checks, so it is very unlikely for one of them to go wrong.



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